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A cool multi-purpose discord bot that solves all your problems. I have features such as Moderation, ModLog, Economy, Welcome & Goodbye logs, Fun, Music

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Customizable Settings

Adjust the settings to fit all the needs of your server! You can select the channel to send welcome logs to, the welcome log message, the prefix of the bot for this server, and more…

Reliable and High Quality

With our revolutionary infrastructure implementation, we’re proud to achieve absolute 99.9% uptime!. This means that Welcome-Bot will always be online, and ready to relay messages between your server staff and users!


The bot is multi-purpose!! It means that there are a lot of other uses of the bot, some of them are banning, kicking, unbanning users, pruning (or purging) messages, etc.

Open Source

We are an open source project on GitHub. Don’t believe what we’ve said earlier? Check out the source code for yourself! This means the maximum level of transparency, so you’ll never have to worry about privacy concerns.


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